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Taking care of Lisbon’s Cathedral since 1150

The Chapter/Council of Priests of the Diocese of Lisbon, is responsible for – according to the law – the most solemn liturgical functions in the Cathedral Church and also, as a College of Advisers, is responsible for assisting the Patriarch in the government of the Diocese and to elect the Diocesan Administrator when the Episcopal Seat becomes vacant (Sede vacante). It was installed in the Cathedral of Lisbon in 1150.

In addition to the liturgical functions of the Cathedral and the special collaboration with the Bishop in the government of the Diocese, the Chapter/Council of Priests was responsible for the cathedral school. This, along with the cloistral school – schools of the monasteries –, ensured the transmission of knowledge and culture, both institutions being the ancestors of the Universities.

As expressed in the Bull Quamvis Aequo of Gregory XVI – of November 9, 1843 –, the Chapter/Council of Priests of the Diocese of Lisbon is composed by of 24 clerics, from which 6 are dignities. They are primarily responsible for taking care of everything that concerns the Cathedral, in what regards the liturgy and the administration of the real estate and furniture of the Cathedral, particularly in the areas of art and culture, since the Cathedral of Lisbon has a rich architectural and artistic heritage where clothing and jewellery stand out.

Over time, the Chapter/Council of Priests of the Lisbon Cathedral has been enriched with various privileges and distinctions. Currently, it still refers to its members as Reverend Excellencies, and enforces the use of the cassock and its protection in purple colour (cf. Ex. 39,1) when in the Cathedral, or when one of the priests accompanies the Patriarch of Lisbon, and the Patriarch wears a scarlet purple vest, and also when the Chapter presents itself collegiately outside the Cathedral. In addition, when wearing coral robes, priests can wear gold rings with a single stone in their left hand.

Members of the Chapter/Council of Priests

Dignities: Francisco José Tito Espinheira (Dean), Dr. Samuel Saul Rodrigues (Chief-Treasurer).
Capitulants: Armando Manuel da Guia Pereira Duarte, Álvaro Ferreira Bizarro, José Manuel dos Santos Ferreira, Eduardo Fernandes de Brito Coelho, Mário Luís Henriques Pais, Nuno Isidro Nunes Cordeiro, Ricardo Jorge Alves Ferreira, José Miguel Barata Pereira, Paulo César Serralheiro Franco, Jorge Manuel Tomaz Dias, Rui Pedro Trigo de Carvalho, Nuno João Amador Silvestre Carlos, Vítor Manuel Fernandes Gonçalves, Duarte Nuno Queiroz de Barros da Cunha, Paulo Jorge Marques da Costa Malícia, Gianfranco Ventura Bianco, Bruno Miguel Moreira de Almeida Machado, Alexandre Coutinho Lopes de Brito Palma, Joaquim Daniel Vieira Loureiro.
Jubilees: Carlos Alberto Pessoa Paes (Deão), António da Franca Melo da Horta Machado Marim (Arcediago), António Pereira Rego, António Manuel de Almeida Janela e Francisco Pereira Crespo.
Penitentiary: Luis Alberto Martins de Carvalho.


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